Why this blog?

This blog is an experiment in community.  In particular it is a response from an invitation by Urbana-12 to present a seminar on Orthodoxy.

First, a presentation of the Church needs to be by the Church, and should not be of an individual (even if one voice is speaking at a time).  This blog is a way for collaborative editing of content; either by editing the content directly, or by leaving comments.  An initial draft of the presentation is in the pages (Urbana-12), as well as other content that can serve as additional notes, or reference material for others.  I want you to help craft the presentation, guiding the content as well as word-smithing.

Secondly, this blog will hopefully be a place for those attending Urbana-12 to engage in further dialogue after the conference.  The blog can be a portal through which people can find and be introduced to the Orthodox Church.  How much it gets used, and how long it lasts will depend the conference.

At this time the blog has ‘security by obscurity’.  It is loose and rough, but few people (other than you) know it exists.  I intend to keep the audience limited until after the seminar.

So, feel free to use your editorial abilities to add content or change things around (content is version protected) and we will see what this becomes.  If there are others you think should be a part of this effort, let me know and I can add them to the editorial group.

Thanks for being a part of this,


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