Ramblings from the Domain of the Cartographer of Reality

Urbana-12 sought a better understanding of the Orthodox Church, not a simple topic for a 25 minute presentation.  To continue that dialogue I have started this blog, where questions and discussions about cross faith communities (Evangelical and Orthodox) can occur.
A cartographer is not the explorer. The explorer is the one who has gone out and experienced the environment. The cartographer merely takes the knowledge of others and tries to arrange it in a useful manner. If the cartographer is successful, others will recognize the landscape and be able to navigate; otherwise they are lost and confused.
Orthodox theology is an attempt to explain experience. There are those in the history of the church who have known God, who have propositionally spoken with Christ, and with the saints; they have experienced being in the kingdom. The collected experiences of these saints has been consistent through time and become the foundation of our tradition. That is not me. I am merely trying to sketch out a map of this experience to guide others in following way of those who have been there.
The name ‘Cartographer of Reality’ is a bit of humor, combining my interest in geospatial information systems and paradigms of theology. Whether the humor is successful is another issue.


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